Premiere Shoot 2009

2009 was the start of something magical. It marked the creation of Arden Moon. More importantly, a relationship that would last a decade with an amazing photographer and friend.


That's right, I was a brunette for a few years. This was my first shoot with Inez Lewis.  Prior to this, I had used selfies or images friends had helped me with. Internet presentations had come a long way in a short time. I wanted to try a more professional looking shoot. I wasn't too nervous.  I had already done some modeling and tv work.  Yet, every shoot comes with a certain amount of stress.  When you're planning your shoot, you really want to get it right.  I'm sure I rushing through the downtown San Diego hotel. 


I had to wait downstairs anxiously. We had never met before, so I wasn't sure how well we'd work together.  The moment we met my mind was at ease. We turned up the music and got to work. Below is the results of our premiere shoot. 


Location 2010

My first shoot with Inez had been outstanding. People seemed to enjoy the photos. I honestly couldn't wait to shoot with her again. I wanted to explore some new possibilities. This ample LA Loft space was the perfect backdrop to capture a variety of looks. Once you worked with someone creatively. It's easy to pick up where you left off.


As you can see, Inez shoots some fabulous angles. We wanted to capture some artistic and creative images. It wouldn't be long before I'd be known for this creative calibration. 

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