Autumn in LA 2011

Los Angles late September. The weather was starting to cool after a drive up the coast from San Diego. I arrived in Hollywood with my girlfriend, who was shooting with me. It's fun to shoot with a friend. There's plenty of time for girl talk while the camera flashes. An extra set of eyes to let you know if a pose works or not is always welcomed.

You often go into a shoot with a plan. As with most things, the program sometimes changes. Maybe an outfit or lighting isn't what you want. Other times everything works with you. 

I remember this shoot so clearly. We're setting up to shoot one outfit. Suddenly Inez noticed the sunlight on the balcony was just perfect. I ran out with what I had on at the time, threw my hair back. The result one of my all-time favorite back shots. 


Taking On 2012

2012 was a year to remember. It was a year of exciting projects and my relocation to Las Vegas.  In this gallery, you'll find the stunning images from two shoots with Inez Lewis that year.

The first was a quick meet up in Orange County, California, where Inez was shooting. If you have read The Courtesan Handbook,  you might recognize the skin-tight black dress from the photo on the book. The white jean series is another of my all time favorites. 

The second shoot in September 2012 was my very shoot in Las Vegas. New to living in Las Vegas. The year felt like a whirlwind of night clubs and late-night shenanigans. It is a no clothes needed kind of town.  I really wanted to capture the love, lust and exploration of the city. 

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