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Meet Arden

Getting to know me better...

I know this is where I am supposed to go on about any manner of things to impress and entice you. That's where the difference comes in. I believe people come together on equal levels. If I'm not my authentic self. Then how can I expect that we'll have an authentic experience? 

I didn't wake up with this perspective mind you. I have built, changed, and honed my practice over many years. I have been able to travel to fabulous places. I have tales from experiencing wealth and opulence. I've authored two books on the industry.  Or you may have ventured here by seeing me on a Showtime Adult Comedy. I guess you could say I am accomplished. They have all been great adventures. Exciting escapades with lessons learned that have brought me to where I am now. 


Experience is important when dealing with intimacy. We all look for different things. Someone looking for an authentic exchange may not find what they are looking for easily. It's more about the people and less about the aesthetic. In a world focused on narratives and appearances. I believe we're in a New Age of Intimacy. One where we will be able to define our relationships based on our needs. Not outside perspectives or definitions. A space that really nurtures who we are and what we believe in.


At my core, I am a healer. I engage and reach people with that intention. As we travel down our paths in life, that often takes on different forms. I understand that. If that's something that speaks to you. Then I think we'll be a great fit. Hope to hear from you soon. 



Height 5'6" : Weight 145 lbs :  Measurements 36 DDD -29-38 : Dress Size: 8 : Shoe 7 US
Dark Auburn Hair & Freckles: Late 40s  American Indian | Swedish Heritage
Interview With Abe Kanan

Listening to a talk on the escorting industry with Abe Kanan On Hold / 10/19/17 on SoundCloud / 30:00 mark

Arden's Writings

'Dear John, Escorting Blooper s and Blunders" banned by Amazon. April 2016, is one of a kind peek behind the closed doors of the internet escorting industry.

A Few Of Arden's Favorite Things
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