I live a full life. I believe time is a gift. This leads me to be selective when it comes to my consorts.

 It allows for the brightest of energy and no clock watching. Above all else you should feel comfortable.

You deserve a true courtesan experience. I find extended engagements allows us to relax, relate and go where the moment takes us. 

My desire is to bring a different state to your life. We can create our own bliss by indulging in each other, fully present and free from outside demands. We have time to savor tasty treats, explore the city or indulge your quest for sensual adventure.


May 1st through July 31st  2020


More time together with you! It will be time to celebrate life. These special Celebrations Packages are available May through July 2020 in Las Vegas only.  Late April dates if we are able. 


Las Vegas will be ready to cater to you. Let's plan your Vegas vacation together when you're ready. Don't forget I'm always happy to invite a friend along. 

All that's required is confirmation, screening and 30% deposit be completed a minimum of 5 days prior to our engagement.  


pre-book only



One and a half hours                                       $800


Two and a half hours                                 $1100


Three and a half hours                              $1500

Five hours                                                     $2000


Eight hours minimum                                $2600

Couples Add $200 to Package


Overnight or Weekend Dates Please Inquire

  • Screening:  Is always required. All relationships start with a certain amount of trust. This is important for both of us. 

  • Cancellations 48 hours or less will incur a 50% cancellation fee . I do understand life happens. Your time is valuable. I ask you be courteous and honor mine as well. 24 hours or less well require a 100% reimbursement. 

  • Deposits: A 25% is required on any engagement of 3 hrs or more.

  • Credits Cards  Accepted: Credit Cards require advance notification. A  3% transaction fee will be applied. It is billed to a discreet acronym. Cash is preferred.

  • Touring: Please note the "Touring Consideration" for your city

  • Extended Encounters:  Encounters of 4 hours or more include social time

  • Privacy: I have great respect for your privacy. All communication is for my eyes only and handled discreetly. 

  • Communication: There's often nerves before we meet. I understand this. I always do my best to make sure you're comfortable before we meet. We can always arrange a phone call beforehand. However, any in-depth explicit conversation should be saved for when we're face to face. 

Las Vegas

Cash or Credit Card

Standard Rates


One hour (8 am to 8 pm only)                     $650


Two hours                                            $1100


Three hours                                         $1500

Four hours                                           $2000


Six hours minimum                            $2600

Couples | Please see Couple's Page


KISS THE WORLD GOOD-BYE:                                                                                                                                                                                                   $3500

An indulgent escape. 12 hour | Half Day or Overnight. 



WEEKEND GETAWAY:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     $10,000

A fantasy filled weekend to escape the norm and experience a world of possibility. (2.5-3 days)


FLY ME TO YOU : We can plan this together. Nothing is more exciting than packing a bag to run away together! 

I'm happy to fly within a few hours time for a romantic rendezvous. The anticipation of sweeping each other away sends tingles. Consideration should include our time together along with all travel expenses.  Deposit required, It's okay if you have a few questions. 




$500 : 1 hr /  $1000 : 2 hr min.  / $2000 : 4 hr min  / Please Inquire For Extended Engagements or Social Only Time


$600 : 1 hr /  $1200 : 2 hr min. / $2200 : 4 hr min / Please Inquire For Extended Engagements 6 hrs Or More


$700 : 1 hr /  $1200 : 2 hr min. / $2400 : 4 hr min / Please Inquire For Extended Engagements 6 hrs Or More

See my travel calendar for appearance dates

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