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Private Sessions

I am always flattered that you choose me to spend time with. You will find my companionship style to leans toward nurturing and holistic. I like to incorporate massage or other realization techniques into our time. 


Often people use intimacy to relax. I find that mindset counterproductive. There is so much you miss out on when you're stuck in your head. The connection is so much more enjoyable when you are relaxed and present. You carved this time out for yourself. The intention should be to savor each moment, with no script or preconceived notions. 

Hosting La Jolla 6/14-15th

As about my 2 hr Birthday Special


Looking for my wishlist? It can be found on the "About" page of my website.


It's important to know I am selective and not a clock watcher. Time frames assure I can end a get together in situations I am not 100% comfortable with.

San Diego | N. County

One hour  | Outcall                                                                   $600


One hour | Incall                                                                         $550          


Two hours | Recommended                                  $1100      


Three hours                                                               $1500


Four hours                                                                 $2000



Six hours minimum | Includes Social Time        $2700

Note that I am not a clock watcher. If we're having a great time, these 

are guidelines.

Couples | Please see Couple's Page

Hosting & Availability

*I provide Hosting in La Jolla Area 7 days a week. My companionship practice is now part-time.  This means I have a minimal number of appts per week. It allows me to expand my world while still providing you with a positive and unique experience with mutual respect in mind.


I do ask we try to plan 24 hours in advance.  This allows plenty of time for the screening process and breaking the ice. Please see my calendar below for hosting and "Drive Me To You" options.

  • Please see the "Connect" Page for Screening. 

  • Please review "The Fine Print."

Fine Print
The Fine Print
  • Screening: This is always required. All relationships start with a certain amount of trust. This is important for both of us. 

  • Cancellations 24 hours or less will incur a 25% cancellation fee. I do understand life happens. Your time is valuable. I ask you to be courteous and honor mine as well.  This of course applies if you plan on future bookings.

  • Deposits: A 25% is required on any engagement of 3 hrs or more. Typically via ECard or payment app.

  • Touring: Please note the "Touring Consideration" for your city

  • Extended Encounters:  Encounters of 4 hours or more include social time

  • Privacy: I have great respect for your privacy. All communication is for my eyes only and handled discreetly. 

  • Communication: There are often nerves before we meet. I understand this. I always do my best to make sure you're comfortable before we meet. We can always arrange a phone call beforehand. However, any in-depth explicit conversation should be saved for when we're face to face. 

Hosting Schedule

Drive | Fly Me To You


$1600 : 3 hrs min | $2000: 4 hrs | $3000 8hrs


$2000 4 hrs. min. | $3000 8 hrs


$2200 4 hrs, min | $3200 8 hrs

When touring Vegas 1hr $600 / 2hr $1200

Drive  | Fly me to you may involve travel and hotel expenses, depending on the scenario. Don't be afraid to ask if you have questions. Screening and deposits apply. Please be sure to read The Fine Print. 

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