Hi There!

I know life has gotten a little out of sorts. I want to assure you. I am still here. I am thankful to have a practice that builds not fans, but relationships. The out pouring of support truly touches my heart. While we wait on the new normal.

There will be a few things to update. 



Las Vegas is set to be on lockdown until April 16th. As with all things. That may change. I am not sure how long it will take for things to be up and running. As it stands, I think May 1st is a reasonable date. Sooner will be even better.

Las Vegas will be back in full swing. It will be pool season.

A perfect time to celebrate freedom from isolation!

My practice is about people. If we've met and you wish to reach out. Feel free to drop me a note or text.  

I counting the days until we can be up close and personal again. Time is the most valuable thing we can give.

For that reason I've extended the duration of all my encounters, 2 hrs or more, at the same consideration.

You can support me by pre-booking at least 5 days in advance with 30% deposit. 




My CONSIDERATION page has gift card ideas and my Amazon Wish List. My Wish List has additional gift cards, as well as, a few fun items. It is not expected, nor requested. It is for those who have inquired.


I will also be selling some of my creative works.  You'll find my artwork on my social media. Most will be for sale. 

Most are Acrylic on canvas. Keep an eye on my Instagram and this site. Or email me for details. 


I also have the only remaining copies of  "Escorting Bloopers & Blunders".  It was limited  to 125 copies before being suppressed by Amazon published as pornography.  Its 101 pages of animated cartoons and notes from me.

All based on the daily shenanigans of both client and companion.  This book is unique to the companion industry.

It will never be in print again. More info on AUTHOR page. Just ask me. 

Much Love and Be Well,      Arden 


You dream of a woman who can sweep you away from the everyday madness of life. Someone intelligent and witty who holds your full attention over dinner conversation. A graceful beauty with a smile that lights up the room. She intrigues you with subtle flirtations. Her enchanting curves excite you to the core. A woman with confidence and a sense of knowing. From the moment your eyes meet you know you're in for unique experience. That feeling only paralleled by sensing you're in great hands. 

Hello, I am Arden Moon. I am that woman. 


Life is short. I believe in living the best life we can. This means making every moment count. Providing companionship is my forte. I find pleasure indulging our senses at a five star restaurant or simply cuddled in a t-shirt watching a game. It's about the company you keep. That connection that leaves you feeling alive and fulfilled. 


Las Vegas is the place to leave the rest of the world. behind. I am always flattered when you choose me to be your guide. I am selective because each time we meet should be special and met with anticipation. Being in a space where you're 100% comfortable to be you is priceless. I have long been regarded as one of the nations premiere companions. Let me help you find out what you've been missing.

                              ~Arden xo


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