You will find I pride myself on being an authentic courtesan. Making the most of our experience is my priority. Yes, I have a degree. I'm not a Mensa member, however, I would say I'm rather well versed on any number of topics. I have modeled in several countries, authored two books on the industry and made several television appearances. I dabble in website design and photography. For many years I've been a mentor and wellness guide. My lifestyle is one of balance. You'll find me in the  gym or hiking almost daily. 


It's been my privilege to help set a standard in my craft. The pay off has been amazing relationships and adventure across the globe. I lead an unconventional free spirited lifestyle without apology. Educating those willing to listen about the true life and art of a modern day courtesan.


My pleasure is derived from bringing you along on the seductive journey. There is thought and care put into all that I do. Whether your desire is one on one time or you wish to meet with myself and another elite companion. My experience has lead me to become a renowned, seasoned, yet discreet courtesan. One that can meet your needs without question. What you get is always 100% me. 


I provide a place where you can be yourself and share whatever is on you mind. There is no judgement with me. I believe our fears keep us from expanding our lives. I make it a point to live out loud. I bring that energy and passion to each encounter. It's more than worth it if I can change a few minds and hearts along the way.


This is your life story. I would love to be there to help you write an amazing chapter.



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