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5 Things You Can Do To Not Be "That Guy"

Once upon a time, I wrote a little book called "Escorting Bloopers and Blunders." The book ended up being banned from publishing for being too pornographic. Since we're all adults here, why not have some fun with the images I couldn't share.

For your edutainment. A handful of the top blunders that you should avoid. It's always helpful not to be "that guy."

#1. Shower. If she asks you to shower, then take a shower. Typically she's asking for a reason.

#2. Please don't ask questions that put her in a position to have to lie to you. It's not the time to get validation on your insecurities. Be in the moment. Enjoy yourself. Don't make things awkward for everyone.

#3. Don't brag or gossip about other people you've entertained. It's not impressive. What it does do is convey you lack a certain level of respect for others. Not to mention you're a gossip. No one will want to open up to you.

#4. This is the easiest to remember. When it comes to cologne. Please don't over do it.

Remember this fun saying.

"Spray, delay, walk away."

Mist into the air, wait, walk through the mist. It's that easy.

#5. Trim! Please at least trim with a razor or clippers. Personal hygiene says a lot about a person. No one enjoys hairy dental floss.

Enough said.


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