A Room With A View | Adventures Of Amber Skye

The cool air-conditioned hallway was a welcome change from the hot desert air outside. We had walked the block from the restaurant back to our hotel, just enjoying the atmosphere of Las Vegas. The dazzling lights and the glamour, just passing by as we walked arm in arm.

Over dinner, we had talked intimately in a booth in the corner. Drinking indulgently large cocktails full of fruit, we had reminisced about our past meetings. The place was buzzing all around us, with people laughing and talking. Sometimes, especially in Vegas, I would glance around the upmarket restaurant to see if I could spot the other escorts. It’s harder than you would think sometimes, even with insider knowledge.

I don’t think that anyone would have guessed mine and Matt’s relationship. We seemed like old friends catching up, and that’s because we honestly were. Over the times that we met, we had gotten to know each other quite well.

Matt always seemed a little tense at the beginning of our meetings. I got the impression that it was his natural state, how he was back in Chicago, and in his normal life. After a few minutes with me, he would start to relax and let himself go a little. I think that is probably one of the main things that he got out of his meetings with me, being about to leave his regular life behind for a few hours and to relax.

Like a lot of my clients, he had a job that took up far too much of his time and energy. The overworked lawyer just needed an excuse to really relax and someone to help him do it. I was always happy to be that person.

While we caught each other up on our lives, we held hands or stroked each other’s thighs under the table. Though the atmosphere between us was relaxed, the sparks were undeniable.

I wore a comfortable and simple silk slip dress. As we walked back, he put his hand around my waist and stroked the soft fabric. His large hand on my waist sent a little shiver through me and made me excited to get back to our hotel room.

As soon as I walked into the room, I slipped out of my strappy heels to make myself more comfortable. Walking barefoot on the soft carpet, I took the room in. The suite was huge and luxurious. The first room was a seating area with large comfortable chairs and a sofa. I could see into the bedroom and bathroom that branched off from the first room. The main feature of the room was definitely the view, though, you couldn’t ignore it.

Huge floor to ceiling windows covered one wall of the living area and the bedroom too. The room overlooked the strip, and the clear glass provided a beautiful view of the sparkling lights of the city. It was dazzling, even to someone who was fairly accustomed to opulence.

“This is beautiful,” I said before taking a look in the bathroom. There was a large marble tub that I thought was beautiful too. “We really must have a bath,” I told Matt as I kissed him on the cheek.

“I agree,” he said with a smile, “why don’t you run the bath while I get us some refreshments?”

Matt slipped out of his jacket so that he was just wearing a polo shirt and some smart dress slacks. With one hand casually in his pocket, he dialed room service. I watched him for a moment, just enjoying the confident way that he held himself. Matt was in his early forties and was starting to grey a little at the sides of his hair. I knew that he was a little self-conscious about it, but I thought that it made him look so dignified.

I started to run the bath. Slowly, the huge tub began to fill with water. I poured in some bubble bath and watched it foam up dramatically. Sitting on the side of the tub in my slip dress, I pushed my hand through the water. Mixing in the foam and monitoring the temperature.

“I’m getting in,” I called out to Matt.

I let my dress fall from my body and put my hair up into a bun. Carefully, I stepped into the bath. It was perfect; my attention to detail paid off. I sunk into the water, letting my body relax as the smells of the essential oils filled my nose.

A few minutes later, Matt entered with a bottle of champagne and some strawberries. We watched each other as he undressed. I smiled from the tub, the bubbles covering me like a blanket. Having spent many evenings together, there was no nervousness about nudity. He took his clothes off like it was the most natural thing in the world. I brought my knees to my chest to make space for him, and he slipped into the tub.

“This was a fantastic idea,” Matt said with a smile, “I haven’t felt this relaxed in a long time.”

He held out a strawberry for me, and I took a bite. The sweet smell filled my nose, and I sighed. “Learning how to really relax is an important life skill,” I said.

“Somehow, I can only really manage it when I’m with you,” he said with a wink.

I laughed softly, “anything that keeps you coming back to me is fine by me,” I said. “I love seeing you. I miss talking to you when you leave it too long.”

He smiled and placed his hand on my knee. “I won’t leave it so long next time,” he promised, “you know how work gets, though.”

I tutted, “leave work at the door, that might be the first step to learning how to relax.”

“A good point,” he said, taking a sip from his drink.

For a while, we just relaxed in the water together and talked about an art exhibition we had both been to. Then the bubbles started to get a little thin, and his attention turned from the art we were discussing to my body.

With dreamy eyes, he looked at my body under the water. “You really are looking stunning,” he told me.

I smiled, “so are you,” I said.

I reached out and touched his knee. It was poking at the top of the water like a rock emerging from the water at low tide. He caressed my knees too, moving his fingers in little circles. When all the bubbles had dissolved, we got out of the water and wrapped ourselves in towels.

Sitting on the bed, we enjoyed the view as we dried. The floor to ceiling windows showed the light and the life of everything happening down on the strip. I enjoyed watching the twinkling lights with him, but in the quiet of our hotel room, the desire was starting to take over.

His body was beautiful, stretched out on the bed. I ran my fingers over his soft body hair and felt the slight dampness of it against my skin. Placing a kiss on the center of his chest, I felt the damp hair against my face and smelt all the sweet smells of our bath.