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Are You Ready?

If you made it this far, I'd guess yes, you're ready. Why? Because we already know you do your research. Research is the number one thing that will make a difference in your experience. Only you know if you're ready to book that date. My advice has more to do with understanding the types of relationships and common places I see things go wrong.

In my book, the best place to start is with you. Providers are not the same. Just like people at your workplace. People's personalities are different. The level of commitment is different. The biggest mistake people make is not knowing what type of connection they are looking for. I think people believe experiences are all the same as if there is a playbook. Yes, there are some commonalities. Beyond that, everyone is into their own thing. Having that information ahead of time can aid someone immensely in their research. It helps you understand what kind of companion suits you best. This is a big reason many providers encourage you to read their websites first. You can pay attention to the types of images they post, or interests they express. For many, being a good fit is a priority as well.

The primary connections people are typically searching for are either strictly physical or more of an intimate connection. You perception or values associated with love and sex will come into play as you image the perfect experience. As you research, you'll find that seasoned providers go out of their way to let you know more about them. Her phrasing on social media or websites will often give you glues to whether she likes to party all night or sip wine at sunset debating philosophy. The devil is in the details. This is one detail that might help you have a sinfully good time. Take a moment to think about the type of experience that resonates with you. There's no shortage of possibilities.

My next big piece of advice, this is not a replacement for dating. If you are single, you always have to keep in mind that you are compensating someone to ensure you will have a great time. Therefore, you're always going to have a great time. Sometimes endorphins start flowing, and people get a little confused about what it all means. It is a type of relationship, one that has few but specific boundaries. It is not like the traditional relationships most clients have experienced. Keeping the integrity of those boundaries is where communication and respect come into play. Some people are better at boundaries than others. Drama can quickly come into play when these boundaries are crossed. No one needs that in a situation that is supposed to be fun. Understanding that essential thing will set you up for some fun adventures.

It's important you feel confident about the choice you have made. I like to think doing your homework helps with that. That confidence can be a game-changer when it comes to nerves. Meeting anyone for the first time can be nerve-racking. Nerves aren't a bad thing. A little caution is always a good idea. What I have found is when nerves are running high, communicating can be difficult. When we get too nervous, we get stuck in our heads. We can begin to worry too much or have irrational thoughts. Sometimes we can say something to the other person that we typically wouldn't, which doesn't always land well. Nerves are a considerable trouble maker. Whatever you can do to keep them at bay will benefit you in the long run. You want to think clearly. You don't want your head racing with hypotheticals that you're possibly creating yourself. I have found that when people are nervous and flustered. They can be rude and not even know it. Not in a horrible way. They may overlook opening a door, or having refreshments, or even really introducing themselves. Just small things that would make someone new you're meeting take note.

My best advice is to do your homework, relax and be yourself. No one is judging you. Stop worrying and live a little. Life is too short. If you're not sure, you can always ask. You can never go wrong with any first introductions by simply following the Golden Rule.


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