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Just Friends : A Birthday Surprise | Amber Skye

I made my way up to the suite with a bottle of champagne in my hand. I was told that it was his 50th birthday and I was looking forward to celebrating with him and his friend. Amanda had arranged our meeting, Sam’s lover, for all three of us to celebrate together. She wanted to hire me as a gift for him so that together we can give him a birthday that he won’t forget.

After knocking on the door, I was greeted by Amanda. She smiled at me. “I’m Amber,” I said with a smile.

She subtly looked me up and down. “Wonderful,” she said as she gestured for me to come in.

I sashayed into the suite and looked around. It was large and luxurious, perfect for a celebration. Sam was standing by the window. He turned to look at me when I entered. His eyes wandered over my body too. Clearly very impressed, he smiled widely at the sight of me.

“Amber,” he said with a smile as he approached me. “It’s wonderful to meet you,” he said as we hugged.

“Happy birthday Sam,” I said as I handed him the bottle I had brought.

“How thoughtful of you,” he said as he kissed my cheek. Then he placed the bottle on the side along with the spread of fruit and snacks that they had set out for the evening. Besides the spread, I noticed a few toys laid out on the table. They were some quite chic Lelo toys that gave me the feeling that they were quite relaxed and prepared for what was about to happen.

I glanced over to Amanda just to check her reaction to everything. When she had arranged everything, she explained that they weren’t really a couple, so I wasn’t on the lookout for jealousy as much as I normally would be with a couple, but it’s always good to check on how everyone is feeling.

Both of them had been married before but were now divorced. Together they found a beautiful friends with benefits situation that worked for them. They had done commitment. Now they just wanted to have fun. Seeing them together, I believed that this was the case. Amanda was so comfortable in my presence.

“Have you done anything like this before?” I asked, my question directed at both of them. They both seemed so comfortable. I had assumed that they had experiences before, but I wanted to check, so I knew how gentle to be with them.

“Not quite like this,” Sam said, his voice heavy with meaning. He looked me up and down as he spoke, clearly meaning it as a compliment.

“We went to a brothel together a few months ago,” Amanda said, looking at Sam and smiling. He smiled back as they both shared the memory of their adventure. “I thought that this could be a heightened and more personal version of that experience.”

Nodding, I smiled. “I definitely think that I can make that happen,” I said as I saw Sam licking his lips at the thought of it. “Thank you for choosing me to help you celebrate your birthday with you,” I said.

“Amanda worked some magic finding you,” Sam said as he picked up my hand and kissed it. He turned his head towards Amanda with a loving smile. “You know me so well,” he said.

“Happy birthday Sam,” she said sweetly as she opened the champagne and poured everyone a glass.

I held up mine in a toast. “Happy birthday,” I said as we clinked the glasses together. Both Sam and Amanda were smiling, feeling comfortable in the atmosphere, and ready to continue enjoying themselves. “I’m very excited to start really celebrating with you both,” I said with a smile.

“Me too,” they both said, almost in unison.

“Would you like to give me an idea of what it is you’re looking for and what your boundaries are? So that I can make this experience everything that you’re hoping it will be.” I asked them, my voice sultry but practical. Sometimes people can find it quite exciting to go over what they want. It can get them in the mood. Sometimes people just want to get it out the way because they can find that it takes them out of the moment. Sam and Amanda didn’t seem at all phased by the question.

“Today is all about Sam,” Amanda said as she rubbed her hand up and down his arm, “I just want you to help me pleasure him and give him a birthday that he won’t forget. And I quite enjoy watching.”

Sam smiled modestly. “I can’t argue with that,” he shrugged, clearly trying to hide his enthusiasm.

“Sounds great to me,” I said as we all took a sip of our drink. The tension started to rise in the room as everyone could feel that things were about to start heating up.

Sam placed his glass down on the side and walked over to the large bed. He sat down on the end of it with an excited smile on his face. Amanda and I followed his lead and sat either side of him on top of the soft sheets. I placed my hand on Sam’s left leg, and Amanda placed her hand on his right. I touched his leg through the fabric of his dress trousers while he tuned to kiss Amanda.

They kissed deeply and slowly, with long and slow moments of their tongues. I watched them kissing and smiled. Pulling away from Amanda, Sam whispered a soft and genuine ‘thank you’ to his lover. It made me feel privileged to get to be a part of their passionate relationship for the night.

Sam then turned to me.

He placed his large hand on the side of my face and looked into my eyes. There was a hunger in his eyes that excited me. I was looking forward to satiating it.

“Your long hair is stunning,” he said softly.

“Thank you,” I replied as I started to close the space between us.

Sam followed my lead and started to bring his face closer to mine. Our lips met, barely grazing each other in a teasing contact that made him shudder. Then we kissed deeply. After a long and indulgent kiss, he pulled away with a smile on his face. I smiled back, excited to be a part of his fantasy.

“Why don’t you both undress for me,” Sam said as he lent back, ready to enjoy the show.

I stood up first then Amanda joined me. He looked at both of us as we unzipped the backs of our cocktail dresses with a slow and deliberate motion. I let my dress fall to the floor, watching Sam’s eyes widen at the sight of my body, and then Amanda did the same.

He smiled at us as he let his eyes wander over our bodies. Amanda let him lead the way, it was his day after all, and I followed along with that. Standing there, I enjoyed his lustful eyes and waited to hear what I could do next to please him.

Sam stood up and closed the space between us. Falling to his knees on the carpet in front of us, he started to kiss our legs. I smiled down at him as he lost himself in the act of worshipping us. Once he had covered our thighs in kisses, he started to kiss our stomachs and circle our hip bones. He was nuzzling our skin with his face and indulging himself in every feeling that our bodies could provide him.

“Please, take off the rest,” he asked softly.

I unclasped my bra and let it fall to the floor, and then pulled down my panties. Looking at Amanda, I saw her entirely naked body beside mine and thought of what a beautiful sight we must have made to the man on his knees.

With reverence, he looked up at our pussies. With a delicate touch, he spread the lips to look closely.

“Beautiful,” he muttered to himself, “just stunning.”

I could tell that his passion and desire were building and building with every moment that his eyes were on us. Standing up, he took our hands and guided us back to the bed. He sat down on the edge, and we sat back down on either side. Our hands wandered over him with more need this time as he kissed us.

With nimble fingers, we unbuttoned his shirt slowly. As we kissed deeply, we pulled the clothes away from his body until he was as naked as us. He had a good body, clearly spending a decent amount of time at the gym. His cock was twitching a little, starting to get hard from our touches and our kisses.

Together, Amanda and I started to guide him back onto the bed. He laid down in the center of the bed as we began kissing his neck and his chest. I could hear his heart pounding as I placed my lips on his chest. His breathing was heavy, and some small moans were starting to break through too.

His hands reached out for me, squeezing gently at my breasts then at my ass. With his other hand, he indulged in squeezes of Amanda’s body. He looked like he was having the time of his life, overwhelmed with the pleasure he was getting from our bodies wrapped around him. I smiled to myself, knowing that we were only getting started.

After covering Sam’s body with attention, Amanda and I moved down to focus on his cock. It was standing to attention and still twitching with his arousal.

“You take his cock,” Amanda whispered, “I’ll rim him.”

I smiled and nodded as I took his cock in my hand. I started to lick at the tip with small flicks of my tongue. Amanda was close to me, placing kisses down his perineum towards her goal. Looking up at Sam, I could see him rolling his eyes with every expert flick of my tongue. When Amanda started to give him everything she had with quick hard flicks of her tongue against his hole, he began to fidget.

“Amber,” he moaned, “let me taste you.”

I indulged him, moving my body into a sixty-nine position with him. He licked at my pussy, making me moan deeply as I continued to suck his cock. I was bobbing my head roughly now, really pleasuring him with everything that I had. Sam was moaning into my pussy, the noises vibrating through me.

It was clear that his pleasure was building quickly. My mouth on his cock and Amanda’s mouth on his ass were driving him wild.

“I want you, Amber,” he begged, a little breathless.

Amanda stood up and moved over to an armchair with a good view of the bed. She grabbed a toy from the collection and sat with her legs spread to reveal her dewy entrance. Sam laid down so that I could straddle him while being face to face with Amanda.

Looking down at Sam and glancing up at Amanda, I started to rub my entrance against Sam’s cock. It was dripping with my spit and with pre-cum, more than ready to be ridden. Watching the smile on Sam’s face, I started to guide myself down onto his cock. I felt myself stretch out as I took it inside of me, moving my body down until there was nothing between us.

Sam rolled his eyes. “You feel like heaven,” he moaned.

I smiled. “I’m all yours,” I moaned as I started to move.

I bounced up and down, sliding myself up and down the full length of him. I moved in slow and long strokes, letting out deep moans as I did it. Glancing up at Amanda, I saw her in that chair with her legs wide. The toy was buzzing gently as she started to push it into her hole. I saw her rolling her eyes as she pleasured herself to the beautiful sight of me riding Sam’s cock.

Starting to increase my speed, I rode his cock a little rougher. I watched his face carefully, moving in the exact ways that seemed to make him go crazy. He was moaning and grunting, clearly being driven wild by the feeling of my pussy squeezing his cock as I bounced up and down. He grabbed my ass with his large hands and embraced me. Gripping me, he started to control my speed. He was pushing his cock deep into me, all the way up to my limit.

“Uggh, you feel amazing,” he grunted, his face starting to blush red. “Let me have you from behind?”

I moved onto my hands and knees, facing Amanda. She smiled when Sam’s hands gripped me as he got ready to enter me. Sam was barely holding back his orgasm as he started to slide his cock into me.

My eyes were on Amanda as he started to slide himself in and out of me. Her legs were shaking wildly while she fucked herself with the toy. I saw her rolling her eyes as she came, small and desperate moans escaping her lips. Once she had ridden out her orgasm, she touched herself gently and continued to enjoy the show.

I could only imagine what my face looked like, contorted with pleasure, while Sam started to pound me from behind. He thrust quickly and powerfully. I could hear him grunting, but I couldn’t see his face. From the excitement that Amanda was radiating and his increasing pace, I could tell that he was close.

I could feel my clit twitching with intense pleasure as he thrust himself closer and closer to his orgasm. His fingers were digging into my skin roughly enough to make me moan but not rough enough to be painful.

Sam was moaning and grunting. The noises became even deeper than before. He was about to cum, and I couldn’t wait to feel the product of his ecstasy. Deliberately, I started to squeeze. I tightened my pussy around him, trying to squeeze the cum out of him. Sam let out a little cry that let me know I was doing the right thing. I squeezed as he thrust in and out of me until he finally let go of his load with magnificent force.

We continued to play. It was passionate but relaxed. We indulged in everything we could get from each other’s bodies, welcoming Sam into the next year of his life in decadent style.


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