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Thoughts On Deposits

I recently received an email asking about deposits. A lot of people have concerns over deposits. Mandatory deposits have become increasingly popular in recent years as the internet becomes more and more saturated with business-minded ladies. The degrees of screening and qualifications for the client have increased. Several factors play into this. A good deal has to do with concerns over safety and being stood up.

The most apparent reason for the deposit is to guarantee they don't lose out if you cancel on them. Another is time and sweat equity. Those in it for the money don't want to waste time on you if you're not serious. I like to believe that rarely is there intent on ripping you off. I have heard many stories of date changes, miscommunication, or other frustration that lead to a battle over the deposit. Often the argument could have easily been avoided. Much like any profession, there are both good and bad people. You don't always know who you're dealing with. Several factors can make each situation a little bit different.

I feel it's up to the individual provider. I understand that ladies can be very aggressive about deposits, which can be a turnoff. The message can feel like it's all about the money. Not really due to the requirement but the coldness that can come along with it. If you experience something like that and you're comfortable. It means it's time to listen to your gut. Suppose it's a case where she's delightful but is looking for some certainty. Then you might feel perfectly comfortable. You have to take things case by case.

In short, there is no absolute right or wrong way to go about it. If you're looking for companionship, then this is the introduction to your relationship. I feel someone who takes responsibility for that will try and make your first interactions as comfortable as possible. Regardless of the scenario, if you aren't nervous but apprehensive. I would trust your instincts.

Many professional companions do not require deposits. You only need to put in a little sweat equity to find a match that suits you. When you do schedule and leave a deposit, be sure you use good communication. If there are any questions or changes to the game plan, advise them ahead of time. Keeping the lines of communication open will aid in things going smoothly. Open and honest is a great place to start any relationship.


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