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Let's talk a bit about Twitter. One of the most accessible platforms to find companions by far. When legislation changes disrupted all the advertising avenues in the United States, many ladies turned to Twitter. It has exploded from there. I first started using Twitter in 2012. At the time, I was doing TV work, as well as finishing my first book. For me, it was a way to help fill my desire to normalize the industry. When I started using social media, I found very few ladies on it at all. Most posts were very PG in fear of being banned or other unwanted attention. I used mine primarily to share things about myself as a person. It seems like ancient times, but I remember how primitive Twitter was at first. I remember there were no emojis, and the chat was between a few friends in the industry brave enough to be on social media. Initially most of my banter was among the Gigolos' crew while we were shooting for Showtime. I found it great to share my life in Vegas and for potential clients to get to know me better.

Fast Forward, your Twitter feed is a source of free porn. Many of the boards men used to communicate also disappeared with the new laws. It pushed a lot of clients to Twitter as well. There are now thousands of ladies and gents posting ads, rules, opinions, rants, rude emails, and more. There's seem to be no boundaries depending on who is in your feed. It's been wonderful to have a platform still available to the industry. There is Switter as well. However, I've never used it, so I don't have words of wisdom on that topic.

I have to admit Twitter can be a great place to find ladies in your town. Unfortunately, it's not always the ideal place to learn about the industry if you are new. It's a rabbit hole that's hard to escape. It's hard to know who is reputable and who is making it up as they go along. I look at it as a giant strip club, with each post being their way of asking if you want a dance. The majority of accounts are selling a persona. Much like civie accounts, there is a particular image to be portrayed. It's a mask. That's why many people, in general, feel Twitter isn't real. Despite that it can still be a handy tool. For that reason, I thought I would go over some of my top topics or conversation regarding Twitter.

She only has a Twitter account

Stop right there. I think you should be able to do some research on a potential date. A provider will have hopefully put in the effort to build a website. I would consider it a red flag if they haven't.

Managed Accounts

I see a lot of men falling all over these accounts. I have to be honest. I get a little giggle. Managed accounts are ladies' accounts managed by someone else that represents themselves as the provider. It's often a manager or assistant that runs most of their business. The Twitter accounts typically have a massive following because they post photos frequently, participate in retweets, etc. It's typically filled with extremely glamourous and professional images meant to draw you in. These stunning creatures do exist, but they are not the ones posting.

If you get past the beautiful images and look at the Tweets, you'll see they rarely say much if you look a bit closer, they're seldom any personal opinions or comments. The language is straightforward, generic, and typically not more than a greeting for the day. You may also notice they frequently have a lot of travel dates posted. The big give away is that they don't have a lot of personal conversation or engagement with others.

I find the photos speak to the little head and the big head stops working. Ladies count on it. Often they feel they know the person better. If they look a bit closer, I think they'll see it's all posting for advertisement and not much else. I am not saying managed accounts are a bad thing. But if you are looking for a personable provider to be more of a companion to you. Then looking for things like this is something you might consider when doing your research.

How do you find people?

If you are trying to connect with people on Twitter, it's pretty easy. I know many may feel it's scary or taboo. They never imaged who simple it is to hop online and connect. Most clients use an alias account which is fine. Suppose you've created an alias within the community. It often helps if you use that name consistently so people can get to know you as well. There is no right or wrong. It's perfectly fine to be a looky loo as well. You don't have to follow anyone.

Once you follow a few ladies, more accounts will be suggested to you. You can also find someone you vibe with and look at who she follows. Please keep in mind ladies retweet to help other ladies. I wouldn't assume that they know each other. Therefore a retweet is not validation. It's a courtesy in most cases.

It's easy to find those first accounts to follow. Start with the search feature in your Twitter account. There are keywords and hashtags the ladies use in combination with their city. All you have to do is plug in the keyword itself or with a hashtag. Twitter should generate accounts and posts with that hashtag.

Some words or phrases to use are. (You might want to use your city as well to narrow things down)




FMTY: Fly me to you

#date(enter your city)

You may also want to try:

No, Nos & Twitter

Don't take it too seriously

Don't try to set a date or discuss specifics in a tweet. Keep in mind it is a public platform.

Be sure she asks permission before taking or posting photos of your date.

Don't DM ladies asking random questions or commenting on a post.

Avoid getting involved in trolling, conflicts, or rants.

Never out someone's personal information online

I would not shill for a lady. I would support her by engaging in conversation on her feed or retweets.

Posting Clients Emails

I consider this a red flag. I understand people can be rude or exhausting. It has never made me want to out someone's personal information on Twitter. There are boundaries to be respected. It's the responsibility of each person to honor those boundaries.

These basics should put you on a happy path through Twitterland. It's a great tool to help you with your homework. I placed emphasis on homework. Finding the right fit for you should never be as easy as ordering pizza. You'll thank yourself for a bit of patience and attention to detail.


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