Understanding The Verification Process

I know it can be frustrating to set a first time date. You already have concerns and excitement regarding our time together. Now you're being asked to give your personal information. It may feel a bit uncomfortable. Trust me it's a small hurdle worth the benefits.

You may have come directly to my site. Chances are other means led you here. You'll find countless information about me on the internet. My life is shared online 24/7. You've read or watched a variety of content to learn more about me. Now I need a chance to know you a bit better.

I don't engage judgement or assumptions. It helps me to learn as much as I can about you. The more comfortable you are sharing enables me to be the same. I'm sure the safety benefits for us both are obvious. Beyond that, I always like to assure we are compatible. No, it doesn't need to be a novel. However, it should be more than, "Hey Arden, You around tonight?" When you string a few sentences together I can get an idea of who you are. For that same reason I do not book via text. There is someone for everyone. I want to be sure I am the right woman for you. If for any reason we aren't a match. I am always happy to help refer you to someone who may suit you better. It's all part of the individual care I give to others.

My personal style is laid back. I kindly communicate my needs and expectations. I appreciate you do the same. Don't worry if you're nervous or not sure what to say. I don't expect you to be an expert. I only ask you be respectful and do your best.

It's important to me that you feel comfortable throughout the process. I handle all my emails personally. No agency or assistant is viewing our correspondence. Your communication is for my eyes only.

If you feel there is a significant reason you can't traditionally screen please let me know.

Verification is never meant to make you feel uncomfortable or frustrated. It is necessary. I hope I've made it a bit less painful by shedding some light on the process.

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