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Understanding The Verification Process

I know it can be frustrating to set a first-time session. You already have concerns and excitement regarding our time together. Now you're being asked to give your personal information. It may feel a bit uncomfortable at first. It's a small hurdle worth the benefits.

You might have found a provider through social media or a google search that went right to her website. Either way, you can find out quite a bit about her from the internet with a quick search. Her life is shared online 24/7. You've read or watched a variety of content to learn more about her. Now she needs a chance to know you a bit better. If she doesn't use a form. Then a brief email with proper introduction and the screening information she requested is always a great way to go.

The screening process you see today is the same process that has always been. When online escorting began, the internet was new. People were still deciding how to use it. The law was unclear at the time. The world was a different place. Law enforcement would set up stings and arrest groups of ladies they had found from one of two advertising sites at that time.

At the same time, small groups of ladies were coming across gentlemen in their areas that were less than

stellar clients. With a need for safety, the verification process was born. There was a time a provider may have to call your work and pretend to be a business associate. It sounds funny now. The industry was new. Clients were not likely to have references. As the community grew, the need for references became very important. In time the concern wasn't avoiding stings but more the client's character and behavior.

Of course, there are crappy men that hobby long enough they know the robes. They may be blacklisted on a reference site the ladies use. These gentlemen will often try to find ways around the screening process. Ladies, no the tricks and will not take chances on safety. This is why good references are your key to a speedy screening process. You will find most ladies are pretty strict about this. Those who aren't tend to find themselves in less than desirable situations.

I have had bad experiences with people who have passed screening. No one is too good or too important to be screened. From the moment you meet, you're asking someone to trust you with their safety. For that reason, alone, trust has to begin at screening.


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