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Words For My Sexy Couples

I had the pleasure of spending time with some genuinely unique adventurous couples. I know there are many men out there that think it’s not possible. But I’m here to let you know, yes it is. Of course, there are different strokes for different folks. Having a threesome isn’t for every couple. It truly depends on where you are in your relationship. I found the couples, or relationships that chose this path to enhance their lives, are friends before all else. They have excellent communication and have no trouble being honest with each other. They are so mutually on board it’s hard for me to tell who is more excited. More often than not, she is the one who has chosen to contact me and has set everything up.

These are my 5 Magical Steps to a memorable threesome experience.

One, don’t think that a threesome will someone fix anything in the relationship. It won’t rekindle a flame that’s burnt out or broken. At best, it would be a Band-Aid. You need to be honest going into the situation about the state of your relationship.

Two, hire a professional. The co-worker, wife’s friend, or neighbor two doors down is never a good idea.

I have stories, but that’s for another day. Wives aren’t typically into picking up drunk women at the bar. Sloppy is never pretty, so I’d pass on that one as well.

Three, always discuss boundaries and expectations before booking an appointment. Once you’ve begun to share, you might find that you’re not on the same page as much as you thought. You don’t want to cancel if you find it’s not time to take the plunge. I have also known people to put it off until the day of the appointment. That is too late to be having such a meaningful conversation. If it doesn’t go well and you can’t back out. It could plant seeds of resentment later down the road. I would be very clear on your comfort levels ahead of time. It will help make your first experience everything you imagine. There is no right or wrong. That’s the beauty of it.

Four, don’t do it for him. This is a scenario I go out of my way to avoid. I’ve had a few despite my efforts. Personally, it’s a very uncomfortable experience. I read people for a living. I can tell when words are one thing and body language is another, especially when someone has had a few drinks and begins to get a bit more honest. One way or another, I find out. It’s an experience to be shared, enhancing a relationship. If you’re not into it, you’re not into it, and it shows. Please wait until it’s something you both desire.

Five, be sure the provider you choose enjoys couples. There is a difference between seeing couples and enjoying couples. Things to look for would be on her website. If she mentions couple or threesomes, take it as a positive sign. A separate couples page with detailed information is also a positive sign. If there is no mention of couples, move on to the next. Sometimes you will see a rate for couples, but it is double or triple her standard rate. This can be for several reasons. She may consider couples “more work,” or she may not enjoy them. It’s not a bad thing. There’s are things I take a pass on or request more for my time. We all enjoy different things. This encounter could be the beginning of magical things to come. It’s important everyone is a good fit.

Follow these steps are you’re sure to have a successful encounter. Keep in mind everyone gets nervous, but there’s no need to be. It’s a judgment-free zone. It’s your time to let your hair down and have some fun together. You can imagine what meeting two people for the first time can be nerve-racking as well. No one has an advantage. Be sure to book enough time, so you don’t feel rushed, take a deep breath and enjoy the ride. You can thank me later.


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