Wrong Way Wardrobe Requests

What’s wrong with a wardrobe request? It depends on who you ask. The first misconception is that all professional companions are alike. Unfortunately, there isn’t language to support the different types of escort styles. Each person has their individual style. Different people have different styles. It's always best not to assume.

If someone is trying to establish a true relationship with you . It may be best to think about what may make her feel comfortable. Some ladies love playing dress up in lingerie and costumes. Other women live in the moment and like to dress for their mood at that time. Most women are aware of what attire makes them feel sexy. If you ever had to wear a uniform to school. You may have a sense of what it feels like being told what to wear.

Why is this important? There are two main factors dominance and expectations. Let’s start with dominance. In any bartered relationship, there is a power dynamic. When trying to create an authentic connection, this isn’t something you want to get in the way. The most honest relationships are achieved by both parties being on an even playing field. Each has something they are bringing to the table. It is her desire for you to be happy. However, if you’re dealing with a creature that knows and enjoys expressing herself, when you come along and say, “Hey, will you wear this?” it may not go over well on an unsaid level. It puts her in an awkward position. Does she say no, because she’d prefer to be herself and risk upsetting you? Or does she go along with something that isn’t what she wishes?

What about your expectations? Expectations are important, but to what degree. There is an expectation of fun, honesty, and openness. That foundation is already the right formula for creating a great experience. Where expectations get you into trouble is when you start scripting. What I mean by that is that you have already played the date out in your head. This is a dating issue that almost every person has. You’ve had past experiences or the ideal image of how it should go. Very often, people begin scripting their reality instead of being in the moment.

It’s not to say you shouldn’t have some game plan regarding where and when you’ll meet. Or perhaps there’s food, a gift, or an experience you want to share. But when it comes to what one should be wearing, said, or performed. This is when you begin writing instead of being present and letting it unfold organically. It can be like scripted reality. You can expect a person to be the version of themselves you want to see. Or you can let them be themselves and let things take shape organically.

As I mentioned in the beginning, this is just a perspective. More often than not, you have a specific lingerie outfit request because you’ve imagined it or seen it on her site. I believe it’s up to you first to decide what sort of experience you want to have.

Once you know what you’re looking for. You look for a person that seems to be like-minded. Often you will find this information in the Q&A section of their website. Lingerie, I believe, is a given component in most scenarios. I would trust a woman to pick out what makes her feel sexy on that day, whether outfit or lingerie. Stocking and garter would be the one exception. Let’s be honest. They are tricky, and not something one wears every time. I believe most ladies are happy to accommodate and aren’t offended if you ask for them. Aside from that, if it’s not fetish related. I advise you to trust your date. These choices are what she does, and if you’ve chosen well, you should be in good hands. Who knows, what she picks out may even exceed what you thought you wanted.

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