Zen For Two | Adventures Of Amber Skye

The music that played set the mood right away. It was soft music underneath nature sounds like the sound of rain; it was so relaxing. Heavenly scents were floating in the air, from oils that they were burning. It was indeed going to be an experience, not just a massage.

“Thank you so much for inviting me,” I said to Mark as we entered the room in our bathrobes. It’s not very unusual for people to ask me to ‘couples activities’ like massages. I love a chance to share a spa experience. I always get a giggle when the attendants call me Mrs.

Breathing deeply, I sat in the dimly lit room and just let myself enjoy the atmosphere. I sipped a beautiful fruit tea while I inspected one of the many orchids that were dotted around the room. It was impossible to be stressed there. The space had an intimate atmosphere that embodied relaxation. I could see why this was a popular thing to do as a couple.

Our therapists arrived. We grabbed a light, passionate kiss, then down went the robes as we placed ourselves on the tables. Mark glanced over at me, sneaking a look at my body. There was a glimmer of arousal in his eye as he smiled at me. Laying down on my front, I turned my head slightly so that I was looking in his direction. It was not just for me; it was an experience we were sharing.

The smell of a different essential oil filled the air as they prepared to start our massage. I think it was lemongrass, a deep and sensual fragrance. It was all very indulgent, and I let myself be fully indulged. I breathed deeply and paid particular attention to the way that my body was reacting to the different stimuli.

The massage oil dripped onto my skin. I sighed with pleasure as I felt the warm oil dripping onto my skin, and the smell grew more intense. Then the strong fingertips of the therapist pressed into my skin. Starting at the shoulders, they moved their fingertips in small circles, applying the perfect amount of pressure. It felt so good that I was almost moaning. Glancing over towards Mark, I could see that he was in precisely the same place I was.

Slowly, using only their fingertips, they started to move down my back. Once they had covered the entire area using their fingertips, they began to apply more pressure using their palm. Knowing exactly how to touch me, they worked their hands slowly across my back. My stress melted away with each touch.

They kept going, treating my entire body that way. I was entirely at peace; I felt like I was floating. I couldn’t tell you how long the massage lasted before they moved on. All sense of time had gone out the window.

Next, it was time for a sugar scrub. Another smell was introduced into the intoxicating cocktail of scents that hanged in the air. There was the sweetness of the sugar but also a citrus smell that I think was mango. The sharpness in the scent of the mango balanced out the mellowing nature of the lemongrass.

I felt a spoonful of the cooling scrub on my skin before the therapist started to rub it into me. The grains of sugar scratched against my skin as it cleansed me. It felt rejuvenating as it scrubbed away the dirt and the dead skin. The sweet smell filled my nose and filled me with a curiously, exciting feeling.

My whole body was treated with the luxury of the sugar scrub. After it was done, my skin felt rejuvenated and somewhat sticky. My entire body felt like it was given some sort of a boost. Before our treatments, I didn’t think I was sore, but afterward, I realized how much tension I was holding. Even though it was so relaxing, my body felt like it was putty. I couldn’t wait for Mark to mold me.

Mark and I were given coconut milk and coconut oil, as made our way to a walk-in shower. They told us that we could take as long as we liked getting cleaned up. It was a large room; all decked out in light wooden panels that included a bench all along one side. Large waterfall showers were above us, and smaller shower heads lined the walls. In the places where the floor met the walls, and the ceiling met the walls, there were rows of LED lights that glowed in a cycle of colors.

I smiled at Mark and then slowly started to drop my towel. Following my lead, he did the same and revealed his body at the same pace as me. He held his mouth open slightly as he looked at my body, clearly stunned by it. I smiled at his body, too, enjoying his vulnerability.

“You really look beautiful,” he said as he stepped into the shower.

I thanked him, then switched on the showers. The set of dials were a little complicated, but I got all the shower head spraying at a pleasant hot temperature. I picked up the jar of coconut oil and scooped out a little on my finger. I watched the way that it went from solid to liquid as it warmed up to body temperature on my finger then pressed that finger to Mark’s chest.

“Do you like it?” I asked.

He smiled, “yes,” he said. Water was trickling down us now. Not under the full strength of the hot spray, just enough to wash against our glistening bodies.

I took a small handful of coconut oil and started to rub it over Mark’s chest. I loved how soft it felt under my hands, how smooth it made his skin feel, and the way that it smelt. It felt like massage oil but light and natural.

“May I?” He asked, reaching for the jar. I nodded, and he took some oil in his hand. With a tentative hand, he reached forward and pressed the oil to my skin. With small circular motions, he rubbed the oil over my breasts and my stomach, so they became slippery and shiny.

Taking a step forward, I pressed my oily chest to his. The way that our bodies moved together was fascinating, the complete lack of resistance. He wrapped his arms around me and started to stroke my back, his hand gliding. Slowly, he moved down to my ass and squeezed it. I moaned, the noise complementing the sound of the water hitting the decks.

I let my hands start to roam over his body, too, feeling the soft skin under my fingertips. Already blissfully relaxed, we melted into each other’s arms and let ourselves be ruled by pleasure. Pulling him close, I could feel his hard cock pressing into my stomach.

We kissed a deep and passionate kiss. I thought that I could taste a hint of the sweet mango on his skin. His tongue slipped into my mouth and started to massage my tongue. We were so relaxed, in a state of bliss, that meant that our kisses felt even more intimate. There was nothing between us, no stress or tension. We could just be two people, joined by a kiss.

Grabbing another handful of oil, I let it melt between my palms. Then I gently took hold of Mark’s cock. The oil meant that my hand slid up and down his cock with a swift and easy motion. He moaned deeply, clearly being driven wild with pleasure by my hand on his cock.

Not wanting to finish so soon, he fell to his knees and spread the lips of my pussy. We were under the spray of a waterfall shower now, and the large droplets were falling heavy onto my skin. I felt like I was more sensitive after my treatments. He pressed a curious finger to my clit, listening to me moan from the pressure, then started to lick at it. With his hands, he gripped my ass and indulgently squeezed it. He pulled me towards him as he tried to slip his tongue inside of me. It was like he couldn’t get enough of my cunt.

Moving over to the bench, I sat with my legs spread as he knelt between them. Burying his face between my legs, he lapped wildly at my swollen clit. His fingers found my entrance, too, slipping in without hesitation. A deep moan escaped my lips, and through the frosted door, I saw people walk past. A flutter of arousal rippled through me at the idea of being caught.

I was losing control of the pleasure he was giving me. Quick and easy, his fingers were sliding in and out of me. His tongue lapped wildly at my clit. My legs were shaking, and my chest was rising and falling rapidly with the small desperate breaths. My gaze softened, and the colorful lights, as they shuffled through their rotation, looked magical through the water.

I moaned and listened to the way that my pleasure blended with the sound of the water flowing. The pace of his lapping increased, and my shaking became even wilder. I wanted to scream out with pleasure, but I could see people passing by the other side of the frosted glass door.