Hi Beautiful Beings!

Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. I am bringing back "Talk Sessions".

I left the old page information up so you have it. Just know we can talk about whatever you like.  I'm well versed in anxiety and stress management. I would be more than happy to guide you through a meditation. We can simply share insights and connect.

 I'm a trained listener.  It would be great to spend time with you. 


As Mr. Rogers said, "Listening is where love begins"



Times are changing. These days the internet can feel a bit like a mine field. There's an abundance of content out there to seduce you. The learning curve of who, what and where to look are costly on a number of levels.

  • How do you know where to look?

  • How do you know what you're looking for?

  • How do you avoid being "That Guy" when meeting someone?

You're limited on places you can go to get honest and insightful answers to your questions. Having the right conversation and put you on a better path.


We live in a cultural where connecting with others is increasing difficult. The messages we receive from others aren't always clear. Miscommunication and concerns arise that can wreak havoc on our personal lives. Often it's easier to discuss things with someone who has walked a similar path and is truly judgement free.  Our session will help you gain insights into your relationships, communication and sexuality. Insights that will help you to create fulfilling connections and aid you in living your best life.

I bring both practical experience and formal education to the conversation. It's important you feel comfortable working together. I always do a brief assessment of your concerns before setting up a first session. At that time, I am happy to give you more detail on my background and experience.


Below are some of the areas I have had the privilege of assisting my clients with over the years:

  • Finding the right type of relationship for you

  • Polyamory 

  • Intimacy for couples 

  • Dating & Communication : For men and women 

  • Understanding your relationship : Professional & nonprofessional

  • Intimacy related concerns

  • Sex and aging

  • Grieving and Loss : Relationship or Loved One 

One Hour Session                                                                                                               $120 

Sessions take place via telephone. These sessions are not to be used for phone sex or setting appointments. 


If you feel want to engage in work that is ongoing I am happy to discuss that with you. 

Please Email Inquiries: Arden@ardenmoon.com 


Hours Of Availability Vary

* This is not the advice of a licensed therapist. This is a general consulting service and not intended to substitute for clinical psychology services. Any persons making mention of causing physical harm to themselves or others will be referred to a licensed mental health professional, PhD,MD or LCSW.

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