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Every relationship is different. There is no right or wrong way to build upon it. There is simply the space that is right for the two of you. Some may find that small steps are best. Others may be further down the path, ready to jump into uncharted waters. The first step is always communication. 

These are the preliminary steps I ask you to take:

  • Be sure you are on the same page. I will request communication from both parties to make sure all parties are at ease. I like to answer any questions I can.

  • Know that this is about expanding your relationship and exploring your world together.​ It should be about growing as a couple and not filing a void. 

  • Make sure you are clear on each other's boundaries.

  • Screening is the same for couples. I request that both parties be over 35 yrs of age and in an established committed relationship. 

The Possibilities | San Diego

Taking Flight:                                       $1200   2 hours                                                                   
Live Love Laugh:                                   $1800   3 hours                                                                                      Dinner & Discovery:                              $2400   4 hours                                                                                     
I always leave ample time to get acquainted and break the ice.

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