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Compatibility | Q&A

Compatibility is always important. Here are some general things that may be helpful to know in that regard.


These are things I find appealing.. 

  • Takes care of himself/herself

  • Is between the age of 25 and 75 years old

  • Is kind and courteous towards others

  • Believes an intellectual connection is as important as the physical 

  • Always values our time together

These are things I can do without...

  • Doesn't take care of himself/herself

  • Doesn't value my time 

  • Is too busy critiquing our date to be present

  • Feels the need to gossip about other consorts

  • Feels he or she is too important for the screening process

- If the latter is true, we may not be the best match. You may want to continue your search elsewhere. 


Q: Do you have reviews?

A: Currently, I do not have reviews live on the internet. I find the process degrading and in opposition to having an authentic experience. I have copies of previous profiles. When I removed myself from such platforms. I had been reviewed more than 120 times with an overall average of 9.3. If it's something important to you. I am happy to discuss this further. You'll find a wealth of information from other sources for my validity. 

Q: Where do you like to dine?

A: I'm a bit of a foodie. I love Sushi, Seafood, Mediterranean. I enjoy trying new things.

Q: Do you accept ongoing arrangements?

A: I have had some clients for over a decade. I'm happy to see them whenever I am able.  I do not partake in Sugar Daddy-type arrangements.

Q: Can I fly you to me? 

A: Yes! I am open to any new adventure. Discussing the specifics together is best to see if logistics will work. 

Q: I'm new to this without references. Is that ok?

A: Yes. We will work together to ensure we are comfortable before spending time together. 

Q: Do you give referrals? 

A: I am happy to help with references and introductions whenever possible. Just ask!

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