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The Couple That Plays Together | Amber Skye

As soon as I entered the room at the Waldorf, Lance and Caris welcomed me enthusiastically. Lance smiled politely and poured champagne for us, welcoming me into their suite. Caris was full of energy right from the get-go. The bubbly blonde was almost bouncing with excitement at meeting me.

“It's so wonderful to meet you," she said, taking me into her arms and placing a kiss on my cheek. She smelled like she was wearing a beautiful amber perfume. Right away, I knew that she was going to be a lot of fun.

"I was told you were beautiful, Amber, and I haven't been disappointed," Lance said. He kissed my hand before placing a champagne flute into it and smiling.

"Thank you for inviting me," I said sweetly, "I think we're going to have a lot of fun."

"Yes!" Caris said with a huge smile before holding up her glass. "To fun," she toasted as we all clinked our glasses together.

Lance was wearing a suit that I could tell that it was expensive. He looked relaxed and stylish with his hand in one pocket and the other wrapped around the glass. Lance was handsome, a perfect example of the sophisticated silver fox kind of a man. Everything about him was well styled and neat, from his suit to his slicked-back grey hair. The way he spoke and the way that he held himself radiated class and confidence too.

His wife, Caris, was a little younger than him. Lance was a classy sixty-something, Caris was a young-spirited forty-something. Right away, I could tell what made their relationship a lasting one. Their personalities complemented each other perfectly. The petite and bubbly blonde woman next to the tall and serious older man seemed a little mismatched at first, but it was clear that they provided a relationship in perfect balance.

"How long have you been working in Vegas?" Caris asked me. She was so curious about me and the life that I had led. It felt like she had a thousand questions for me, each of them coming from a place of genuine fascination.

She was the epitome of an extrovert. She was getting so much energy and joy from getting to know me. An absolute pleasure to be around, I answered all of her curious questions with a friendly smile.

We sat around for a while, sipping our champagne and talking. They were very well-traveled, seeing new places at every opportunity. I could imagine Caris acting this way with every new person she met in every new place, trying to absorb as much about them as she could.

They were terrific hosts. Lance was a collected and polite man, and his wife brought a little touch of fun. As much as she was keen to get to know me, I could tell from the look on Lance's face that he was quite eager to get started. I noticed more than one hungry glance down at my body while we spoke.

Looking up at him through my eyelashes, I spoke seductively. "You’re a beautiful couple,” I said with a sultry smile, taking long looks at the both of them.

I had been enjoying getting to know them, almost as much as I thought Caris had, but I was also happy to move things along and to experience who they were as a couple. Lance licked his lips subtly as he thought about what was about to happen next.

Caris giggled a little at the compliment. “You are stunning too,” she said a little coyly.

With a shy smile, she reached around to the side of her dress and started to unzip it slowly. My eyes were glued to her, excited to see more of her petite and athletic body. Her smile told me that she was enjoying my eyes on her. There was a hit of the erotic in her smile that made her glow with incredible sexual energy. I love to be ravaged.

She let her dress fall to the floor, and I gazed upon her body. It was toned and tanned, something that she seemed proud of. Her beautiful body was now covered only by a beautiful lingerie set. It was a sexy black set, all straps and lace. I felt my heart race increase just looking at it. The dark silk suited her perfectly and made her drip with arousal.

“Stunning,” I said softly, licking my lips.

That was when things really got started. There

was no teasing build-up, no gentle kisses. They rushed at me with a feral wildness. I giggled, and they laughed with me as they attacked me playfully and pushed me back onto the bed. I felt like a toy, there for their pleasure or like their prey. It was fun, and I found my giggles quickly turned to moans.

They held me down on the bed as they kissed my neck and bare legs. Lance’s stubble was tickling my thigh and making me fidget. They held me down tighter so that I couldn’t struggle away from the pleasure. Caris kissed my neck and my cheeks wildly. She was breathing deeply and laughing with me. Her lips grazed against mine, and I caught her passionate kiss.

Lance stood up to get a good look at us, and Caris and I kissed wildly. Her tongue was deep in my mouth, wrestling for dominance with mine. The passion soon took hold of us, and it wasn’t just our tongues that were wrestling. Our limbs started to entangle as we began to wrestle. Caris’ fingers found my zipper, and my dress was peeled away in the heat of the moment.

Both of us were in our tiny panties now, as we kissed deep and wild. Our bodies were close together as we continued to wrestle for dominance. Things were getting so hot, and she stopped trying to move on top of me and started just groping my breasts and trying to pull our bodies as close as possible using her legs. I began to move in the same way, pulling her leg to be tight between mine. I felt my clit twitch against her smooth thigh from the friction of our passion. I think she was feeling the same thing, as she was starting to grind herself against me. The dry humping was bringing us so much pleasure. We were sweating and moaning like teenagers at a slumber party.

Her hands gripped my ass cheeks forcefully as she pulled me close to her. Under the soft fabric of my underwear, she slipped her finger. Continuing to kiss me wildly, she moved her finger down between my legs to where my honey was starting to leak.

“Ohh,” I moaned deeply at the contact.

Continuing to thrust herself against me, she slipped a finger into my pussy. I rolled my eyes as it entered me, entirely lost in the moment. I stopped trying to fight her and laid back. Caris got up onto her knees and pulled my underwear down.

“Beautiful,” she said, almost to herself, before pressing her face to me.

Her tongue flicked against my clit wildly. I looked up to see that Lance was looming over us too, his hand gripping Caris’ arse as she licked enthusiastically at my clit. Her fingers penetrated me, and two slipped right into my wet pussy. She worked her fingers in and out of me quickly as she licked.

Dizzy with arousal, I moaned and writhed on the bed. I didn’t even notice Lance slip quickly out of his clothes. He placed his cock against my lips. They were parted slightly in an almost continuous moan. Turning my head towards him, I opened my mouth and took his cock into it.

I heard him growl slightly as his hand gripped my hair. I sucked as he thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. I rolled my eyes as Caris continued to lick and frig me ruthlessly. I could feel the pressure building and knew that I was close to my climax. With Lance’s cock gagging me and muffling my moans, I came hard.

“Taste her pussy,” Caris said, “it’s wonderful.”

Lance pulled his cock from my mouth and came to inspect my pussy. It felt swollen with blood from the intense arousal I had experienced. I could only imagine what it must have looked like to him, dripping with the pleasure his wife had given me. He smiled, then leaned forward and licked it. I shuddered with an aftershock as he tasted me.

I sat up and reached forward to grab his cock. Hos stiff shaft felt good in my hand, and I wanted more. Lance took a step back, and I fell to my knees on the carpet in front of him. Caris joined me, and we started sharing his cock between us. Our tongues tangled in a passionate kiss around the swollen tip of Lance’s cock. Moaning from the pleasure of tasting and feeling his cock against our mouths, we licked up and down his cock. Every inch of him, from the tip to his balls, was covered with licks and kisses. Glancing up at him, I saw his face contorted with pleasure.

Gently, he pulled his cock from us and guided us to stand. He pushed Caris back onto the bed and started to peel away her underwear. From the dry humping, she had gotten impossibly wet. Her dew was dripping from her pussy and soaking her underwear. I smiled at the sight of it and wondered if she could have cum just from rubbing herself on my leg in our passionate embrace.

Together, Lance and I leaned forward and started to pleasure her sensitive pussy. We licked at her together, our tongues meeting and spreading the honey that coated her. It was wet and messy and passionate

Lance and I licked with passion at Caris's pussy. She was moaning sweet high pitched moans as she started to shake. We pulled back, and Lance pushed his cock into her wet and ready pussy. She shivered with arousal as she was penetrated, and I could tell that she was close.

Kneeling on the bed, I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around her clit. Lance thrust himself into her with perfect pace while I sucked and sucked on her swollen clit. Her petite body was starting to convulse and writhe on the bed, and she lost herself in the pleasure that we gave her. Almost screaming, she came on my mouth and Lance’s cock.

She was grinning, a wild and mad smile—the joy-filled the room with so much light.

“Your turn,” she said to me, “I want you to feel that.”

I smiled back, and we swapped places. I knelt on my hand and knees on the bed. Lance gripped my hips and pulled me back towards him, ready to thrust himself into me. Caris positioned herself underneath me, her fingers already probing at my pussy and spreading my lips.

I felt the tip of Lance’s cock pressing against me. I was dripping wet and ready from already cumming once. Applying a little pressure, he slipped right in. I could right away feel him hit the right spot with his thick member. I heard him grunt too; after so much pleasure, he must have been getting close to bursting.

Then he started to thrust. He was surprisingly athletic and thrust with quick controlled movements. Every thrust of his cock hit something deep inside me that made me quiver with pleasure. Caris was flicking her skilled and enthusiastic tongue against my clit. The little flicks of her tongue were driving me wild. Combined with the thrusting of her husband's cock, I was being driven wild with pleasure.

They wanted me to cum again. Caris wanted me to lose control on her tongue the way that she had on mine. She licked and licked, and her husband pounded me ruthlessly. Unsurprisingly, they made a great team and worked in perfect unison.

“Oh...Oh….Oh my God,” I moaned as I started to lose control for a second time.

My legs started to shake wildly as the pressure was released in an explosive orgasm. I moaned, a long and deep moan, as I came wonderfully from their joint efforts.

“That was beautiful,” Caris said with a huge smile.

Lance pulled his cock out of my dripping wet pussy and took a step back. I rolled over, a little exhausted from my powerful orgasm, and got back onto my knees on the floor. Caris joined me, and we started to share his cock again.

We both had one hand on his shaft, stroking with quick little thrusts. Our hands found the right rhythm quickly as we stroked him. With our free hands, we continued to play with each other's pussies. I would dip my fingers into her honey and spread it around. Then I would rub her pleasure juices onto the tip of Lance's cock and lick it off indulgently. She did the same, and we took turns covering the tip with our cum and then licking it off hungrily.

With the quick and rhythmic stroking of our hands and the hungry laps of our tongues, Lance was soon starting to moan desperately. Caris and I sensed his orgasm and sped up in perfect unison to push him off the edge and into the deep end of his pleasure. Looking up at him, I saw his eyes glazed over as he lost himself in the pleasure. Moaning deeply and breathlessly, he started to cum.

As he grunted like an animal, he released his cum. It sprayed Caris and me with a surprising force. The hot droplets of it rained down on our faces. We both smiled wide as it hit us, joyed to be feeling the product of his ecstasy.

As he breathed deeply and received from the power of his orgasm, Caris and I licked each other clean. With little flicks of my tongue, I lapped up the droplets of cum from her hot skin. Closing my eyes to indulge, I swallowed it. We smiled at each other as we licked up the cum. The taste of passion filled my mouth.

We showered together, and then they had to leave. They were sad to see me go. We could have all indulged in a snack and gone another round. Instead, promises were made of future meetings and more fun. They left reluctantly to meet a friend for dinner, and I wondered how long the taste of me might linger on Caris’ tongue. I smiled to think of them at dinner with their friends, friends that would never know how they had spent their afternoon.


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